Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Inside Nature's Giants

So I've been watching the channel 4 documentary series, "Inside Nature's Giants", and I actually think it's so good, although I think its all finished now. They dissected an elephant, a whale, a crocodile and a giraffe, and although it was very gory and rather disgusting it was just so fascinating and thought provoking (I sound like such a geek I know, but I love things like this), and just so good that I thought I would mention it on here. I keep finding myself searching for things about evolution and natural selection on google and finding these weird and wonderful theories, and I just can't stop thinking about the way everything has happened by chance and just how things work and what things might be like in a million years from now, ahhhh its mad. I want to sit down with a scientist and just ask them lots and lots of questions. I wish i was a scientist. Hmmm. But yeah, if you haven't seen the programmes, 4od it 'cos its well good eh. 

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