Thursday, 23 July 2009

Tidying My Room

So yesterday I was clearing out a lot of crap from my bedroom, I have this corner in my room, which is (or was) just literally filled with boxes of old stuff, and I decided it was time for it to go, as I had been putting off getting rid of it all for years. It resulted in an afternoon spent going through old school jotters, a box full of animal figures from the Early Learning Centre, about fifty Beano comics, and the occasional summer special, certificates, Lion King magazines, marbles and loads of other random things. I also found some old drawings, a couple of which I actually really like! They were prints, and I really like the effect, but have no idea how i did it, which is rather annoying, I will have to take some photos. I also discovered that I had a walking stick when I was wee that I got because I wanted to be like my Papa, I found it quite funny.


Just came across some images of a magazine I've never heard of but wish I had. It's called Demo and it's a non-profit magazine which hopes to bring light to undiscovered musicians. Really liking the typography, and kind of reminds of what I was doing with my book on typography, maybe just a tad better though...haha. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I just read my last post,

and am cringing at myself haha.

Inside Nature's Giants

So I've been watching the channel 4 documentary series, "Inside Nature's Giants", and I actually think it's so good, although I think its all finished now. They dissected an elephant, a whale, a crocodile and a giraffe, and although it was very gory and rather disgusting it was just so fascinating and thought provoking (I sound like such a geek I know, but I love things like this), and just so good that I thought I would mention it on here. I keep finding myself searching for things about evolution and natural selection on google and finding these weird and wonderful theories, and I just can't stop thinking about the way everything has happened by chance and just how things work and what things might be like in a million years from now, ahhhh its mad. I want to sit down with a scientist and just ask them lots and lots of questions. I wish i was a scientist. Hmmm. But yeah, if you haven't seen the programmes, 4od it 'cos its well good eh. 

Jose Javier Serrano

Love these photos by Jose Javier Serrano.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I really need to buy a pack of Crayola crayons...

Seeing this guys work, Ori Toor, (even though I don't love it) has just made me totally miss the days of colouring in things with a really good coloured crayon. Ordinary pencils, pens and prints have taken over my life, I forgot about my lovely crayons and I need them back, they're going right at the top of my shopping list for when I get my first pay slip! 

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I turned into a geek last night

So last night, I couldn't be bothered going to bed, because I was sleepy, stupid I know, but anyway, somehow I started thinking about all of those questions I always wonder about, like why is there a universe, or anything anyway, and what would there be if there wasnt the universe, and so on. But anyway I started googling things about evolution, another fascinating topic haha, and I was looking at theories about how humans will evolve in the future and discovered this theory about how we will split into two sub-species, one which is tall, strong, healthy, attractive and intelligent, the other being small, stupid, ugly and goblin like. How lovely.

Also, did you know, whales used to be dogs...crraaaazy!

Welcome Emma Lally

Emma Lally has very kindly become my first follower! So welcome Emma Lally to my blog, i hope you feel very happy here! 

this is Emma Lally, and this is her blog

(I know what you're thinking...I've heard her name before somewhere haven't I?!...well you're right I mentioned her on the 14th February, when we won the Irn-Bru competition, good memory guys! haha this is just getting silly)

Experimental Layouts

Just came across these photos of some of the 15 experimental layouts we had to do for college, basically had to cut out bits of text from magazines and newspapers and come up with some interesting layouts...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wilhelm Staehle

Not quite sure what this is all about, but its quite funny...

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Just came across this work by DesignStudio for the the 4th edition of the fashion and photography magazine Centrefold. Its quite nice.

One Day Project from ageeees ago

This was a poster from a one day project me n joe did ages ago, where we had to do a poster of a colour but in another colour. We got black but in pink. Its full of horrible things and people sorry.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Embedded Thoughts

Final prints for embedded thoughts project

Composer posters, finally....

so, i just found these photos i took a while ago of these composer posters which wouldn't upload as files for some reason. photos are really awful oops.

this poster was for teenagers, was an interactive poster based on stylized russian dolls (rachmaninoff is from the town where these were originally made) and the coloured shapes could be popped out, and then folded to create a set of dolls, with info on them to act as personal leaflets. a new design would appear when the front layer was removed. can't find the images of the dolls though!

this poster was based around Rachmaninoff's state of mind, where he was often depressed and hated a lot of his work.