Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Personal Project Thoughts

This week we were given a new brief to work on, which is a personal project. We can pretty much do whatever we like with it, and the finished resolution will be displayed in an exhibition in May. Although I love the thought of being able to do whatever I like with this project, I can't however help but feel slightly overwhelmed by it and a little scared by the thought of having zero direction to begin with. My disastrous attempt at doing a personal project last year, has left me feeling a little nervous about it to be honest, but hopefully I will have learnt from my mistakes and be able to produce a piece of work which I am actually happy with for a change.

My initial thoughts are pretty vague at the moment, but one of my ideas is to look at photography. My photography skills aren't really up to
much, and usually when I take a picture of something, I tend to be some what disappointed with how it looks, and how it looses the quality of what I can just see with my eyes, and wish instead of just showing a photograph I could bring someone to the photo point and show them it there and then. I was also initially thinking about doing something editorial and was thinking about doing something with real life pages, if this is still making sense at all.

These ideas may just be discarded but here's some photograp
hs by people who unfortunately I can't remember, which were sort of helping me with my thoughts.

I'm also still completely fascinated and obsessed with all things evolution as well however, and would quite like to do something with that, I'm just not sure what... I find the butterfly effect theory really interesting, and how if one little thing had or hadn't happened the world might have been completely different today. I guess I'm really talking about the element of chance and its effects, just don't really have a clue how I would develop this, shall wait and see.

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