Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Our biggest brief this term has been to come up with an identity for a new typographic gallery/museum. My gallery identity was based on the idea of redeveloping type over the years, and I also wanted to redevelop a block of flats as my building. So I came up with the name, RE Gallery. I wanted to give my building a new face to it, and wanted the name to built on to the sides of the walls, with the letters R and E, meeting at the corners of two walls. I eventually got to this logo, which is based on the perspective of the letters on the building.


justlikehoneyyy said...

This is pretty cool Jamie! Is the project over or still in progress?

We are doing a rebranding project right now-- not of museums, but of different moving systems in Detroit (bus systems, mobile markets, etc). But anyway, one of the models we studied was the Minneapolis Walker Museum redesign. Have you seen it?

I'm sure you can find lots about it, but it is pretty inspiring in terms of thinking about different ways to think about materials/type when designing an identity.

Basically, instead of using regular letters, they reprogrammed a keyboard so each letter became a designed word associated with the museum. They then typed out sentences, creating a sort of abstraction of words in a long band. Also, 3M tape company is based in Minneapolis, so all of these strips of words were printed on enormous bands of tape... from parking garage signage right down to the bags in the gift shop.

Anyway, I'm sure you can find lots of stuff about it online, but here is a link about the process of the rebranding:

Pretty cool stuff.

Good luck, amigo :)

Jamie Scott said...

hey kelly! well we've actually finished this now, but thanks for the link and i shall have a look, sounds pretty interesting!