Saturday, 14 February 2009

Have You Been Missing Me?

Okay so I realise I've been ignoring the blog for the past month or so, but I have actually been rather busy, after being ill, then catching up with the mounds of work we seem to have been getting after returning from the christmas holidays, all about the fundamentals of designs, layout, balance, kerning, blah, blah, blah, and then getting 3 weeks to do two posters based on the bane of my life Sergei Rachmaninoff (why this man didn't commit suicide to make my life better I will never know), and although 3 weeks seems like a pretty long time, and I was in the studio until about 6pm most nights and working on it every day, I still managed to be in the studio with Emma Lally and Emma Un-Lally until quarter to midnight the night before the crit, doing last minute work. That was a really long sentence, I'd be getting in trouble if that was an english essay oops. Anyway, so here I am, writing from Peebles, as I decided to go home for the weekend to make the most of having almost no work to do, getting waited on hand and foot, after having my crit for those bloody Rachmaninoff posters, which went surprisingly well, so here they are.....(if this site ever lets me upload them, its being slooowww)

Okay so these images just aren't uploading for some reason, i don't think my mac and this site like each other as its always a bit of an effort...will try again later. 

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